One of the Two Alex Ross Covers to 'Voltron' #1

It’s not just the bigger company comics at DC’s New 52 that are selling out full runs. Dynamite Entertainment just announced that their recent reboot of the classic 1980s ‘Voltron’ has sold out its entire print run and has already gone back for a second print.

The original ‘Voltron’ series followed the story of the Voltron Force, a group of six young pilots who protected the planet Arus from the evil forces of King Zarkon and his robeasts. Dynamite’s ‘Voltron’, penned by up-and-coming writer Brandon Thomas rewrites the mythology of Voltron and moves the action to Earth. However, things are not as they seem when the creator of Voltron is revealed to be an old villain and the coming of the “man from Arus” in next month’s ‘Voltron’ #2.

The sales of ‘Voltron’ #1 got a boost by having four collectible covers, including two covers from legendary comic artist Alex Ross (‘Kingdom Come’).

The sold out status of ‘Voltron’ #1 is just another laurel for the rising star that is Dynamite Entertainment. The smaller publisher, which was named Best New Publisher in 2005, has had several of their books, including ‘Project Superpowers’ (also by Alex Ross) debut in the top ten lists at Diamond Distributors. Other Diamond comics such as Garth Ennis’ ‘The Boys’, Robert Jordan’s ‘New Spring’ and the ‘Vampirella Archives’ have all made the New York Times Best-Seller list.

If you missed ‘Voltron’ #1, be sure to snag the second print coming soon and get in on the ground floor of this great new reimagining of the classic franchise. And be sure to check out my review of ‘Voltron’ #1 while you’re at it.