‘Metal Gear Solid’ creator Hideo Kojima is back with a new horror gamed titled, wait for it… ‘Silent Hills’!

Usually fans of the series, which I consider myself one, would be thrilled to just read that statement. What could be better than another ‘Silent Hill’ game? What about one where one of the best gaming visionaries of all time is now at the helm? What about if Guillermo Del Toro (‘Pacific Rim‘,’Pan’s Labyrinth’) helped put it all together? Now what if Norman Reedus (‘The Walking Dead‘,’The Boondock Saints’) is set for the model and voice work of the main character? HOT DAMN (I just had to censor myself)!

For the first time since the next generation consoles had been announced, I feel that I’ve found a reason that is motivating me to pick one up.

If you are going to be playing a male hero in a world full of horrors, who better can you pick these days than the man who plays Daryl Dixon? I can’t think of a lot of names that would make that list and I’m not sure of another who could top it.

You can check the early preview below but I highly suggest muting it when you do as the person narrating it does not help set the mood. She’s not the official narrator for anyone who is worried. (It’s quite likely how most of you will be feeling while watching it but hearing it while watching it just doesn’t work.)

Holy amazing! Now, watch it again with the sound on so you can hear all of your internal squees out loud. I told you the mood wasn’t being set with the volume on!

What do you think of the latest installment in the ‘Silent Hill’ franchise? Are you planning on picking up ‘Silent Hills’ when its released?

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