With the release of ‘Spider-Man: Edge of Time’ in just 2 months’ time, excitement is rising as more information is coming out about this much anticipated game. This time, Stan Lee gets involved! In a video released by IGN Entertainment, Stan Lee along with the producers of ‘Spider-Man: Edge of Time’ give you a behind the scenes look of how the game is played and the reasons it has the storyline it has.

It’s a battle against time as you try to save Peter Parker’s life while not dying in the process in ‘Spiderman: Edge of Time’. The graphics in the trailer of the game look astounding! It plays like an animated movie that you control and as you watch the trailer, more of the storyline will unfold.  More backstory and characteristics of both the ‘Amazing SpiderMan’ and 2099 ‘SpiderMan’ are revealed as well as the many moves you will be able to control in the game.

But why take my word on it? Check out the trailer below! The excitement of this game is best described by Stan Lee when he says, “The only way you can do something bigger than what had been done was to actually do a time travel thing.” ‘Spider-Man: Edge of Time’ will be available in stores on October 4th.