The dead… the decaying, rotted and hellish corpses animated to skitter upon the earth once again! The now infamous Banoi Islands stand barren of the lumbering dead, only to give way to  new haunts. The decrepit, and decaying deceased have made landfall… in sunny and beautiful California!

‘Deep Silver’ has dropped a new gameplay trailer on fans of the ‘Dead Island’ franchise. Anyone who has loaded up the first game can attest, this is fun stuff! The ability to physically upgrade your weapon was a very cool addition to the typical Zombie FPS.
Horror under the Hollywood sign explodes in bloody buckets of gore as this “Pre-Alpha footage” of  ‘Dead Island 2.’ Deep Silver reminds us in the trailer that this is a work in progress, so don’t count your decapitated chickens just yet. But let’s hope the “freeze ability” stays in the released version, I can see all kinds of happy fun with that little feature.

The morning star was a nice idea for an anti Zombie weapon, as long as those spikes didn’t become embedded in a section of skull and slow you down… oops, there I go thinking in real time again. In the Marine Corps, I was taught about “weapons of opportunity,” meaning essentially anything within reach can be used to dispatch your enemy in any creative number of ways. ‘Dead Island’ embraces that theory with new and ingenious ways to eviscerate the life challenged hordes invading the sunny shores of Cali.

Development studio Yager says “‘Dead Island 2’ is set to release i the Spring of 2015 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, the all-in-one games & entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows PC for the keyboarders out there.”

Deep Silver and Yager dropped this Gameplay Trailer bomb in Lew of the Gamescom appearance for ‘Dead Island 2.’ So let’s sit back and take a look see, shall we?

Stay tuned to for more details on ‘Dead Island 2’ and other games spewing forth from Gamescom!

Source: Gameranx