We recently saw Vin Diesel do an amazing job as Groot in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ and he may have just hinted that there is more for store in his future at Marvel. With Diesel having such a strong on screen presence when he isn’t being a goofball, it is hard to imagine that Marvel would only be interested in him saying three words and being around for motion capture. With that in mind, a recent Facebook comment may hint at a much larger role in his near future.

First lets take a look at what he said!


Now honestly, this could be a completely innocent statement. It could hint that they just want him around to do another round of Groot or another alien. He could also just be trolling fans. What it could mean is that he is hinting at the long rumored ‘Inhumans’ movie. With Marvel being unable to mine their vast array of mutants from the ‘X-Men,’ this would open a huge range of characters for the company to pick and choose from. They’ve already proven with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ that they can take lesser known heroes and make them popular as well as expand things on a cosmic scale. ‘The Inhumans’ would be ripe for expanding their universe with.

The entire concept would allow for the characters to be involved in the cosmic portion of Marvel which could easily bolster the ranks of Earth’s heroes if the film is released prior to the big Infinity crossover with Thanos that we all suspect is coming. Their origin is that an alien race took humans centuries ago and by mixing our genetics with that of an alien race, created a new breed of super beings. Not only that, but this race has a royal family that runs it and the central character is named Black Bolt who you can check out below.

Black Bolt, the king of The Inhumans, needs a commanding presence while on screen. His voice can level buildings so he isn’t able to speak all of that often which makes contractual voicing conflicts for Diesel a moot point. With generally having a skullcap on, not having to talk, and needing someone who can lead by how he carries himself, Diesel seems like a perfect casting choice. With his build and swagger, he would have a pretty easy time at pulling this role off.

What do you think true believers? Is Diesel trolling the Internet by capitalizing Inhuman or is he hinting at things to come? Do you think he’d be a good fit for Black Bolt? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend