‘Deus Ex’ fans, the time is nigh – finally after eight years you can expect to see a continuation in the series.  Square Enix, Inc. just recently announced that ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ will be available at North American retailers on August 23, 2011. The return to one of the most critically acclaimed video game franchises of all time, ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ is an action RPG that offers open-ended, hybrid gameplay and hours of unmatched entertainment. The game will be available for the PlayStation3 and the Xbox 360.

Telling the story of Adam Jensen, a man cybernetically augmented against his choice who finds himself in the middle of a global conspiracy to which he holds the key, ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ is set in a near-future world where humanity is at a turning point. By offering players the chance to play the game in multiple and vastly different ways, ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ challenges the foundations of gaming and provides an immersive experience where every choice has a lasting consequence.

You won’t want to miss these exciting features you’ll find in game:

• A legend reborn: Deus Ex makes its much-anticipated return delivering players an unmatched gaming experience

• Ultimate fusion of action and role-play: A unique combination of action-packed close-quarter takedowns and intense shooting, offering a vast array of augmentations and upgrades for the many weapons at your disposal

• Multi-solution structure: Choose how to accomplish each mission using combat, hacking, stealth or social mode to create a customized experience to suit any gaming style.

• Choice and consequence: Live in a reactive world in which a multitude of approaches, paths, and tools are at the player’s disposal- each choice resulting in a consequence that affects the game dynamics and story.

• Diverse customization: Engage in combat and challenges utilizing deep, specialized character augmentations and weapon upgrades.
• Unique visual design: Become immersed in a Cyber Renaissance setting that masterfully blends near future and Renaissance era styles.
• Explore the world: Traverse numerous locales across the globe — each with its own distinct art direction — in Adam’s search to uncover a worldwide conspiracy.

“We are extremely excited and proud of ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ and cannot wait to finally let gamers experience this unique and captivating game,” said Stephane D’Astous, general manager of Eidos-Montreal. “The team has worked incredibly hard these last few years to create an unforgettable universe which introduces franchise fans and new players alike to this powerful vision of the future, where the choices you make create your own personal gameplay experience.”

 ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ will have an Augmented Edition that boasts features such as the same exclusive mission as the Explosive Mission Pack, 10,000 extra credits to buy or upgrade weapons, plus a Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun, the SERSR Longsword Whisperhead silenced sniper rifle, the Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher, and an Automatic Unlocking Device and the M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED). The Augmented Edition also contains an exclusive bonus DVD featuring a 44-minute “making of” special, game soundtrack, motion-comic (adapted from DC’s official series), the E3 trailer and animated storyboard, and a 40-page art book.

Preorders are available today and include exclusive rewards to enhance the game play experience, including weapons, upgrades, bonus mission and credits.

“The Deus Ex video game franchise fundamentally altered our expectations for shooters and RPGs, and we are thrilled to continue and extend that powerful legacy with the release of ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ this August,” said Mike Fischer, president and chief executive officer, Square Enix, Inc.  “This game vividly demonstrates Square Enix’s commitment to deliver innovative and unique gameplay experiences that set new standards for quality.  We are excited that the first game from our Eidos-Montreal studio is another groundbreaking entry into this legendary franchise.”

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