Exo-suits have aided many of our favorite science fiction characters in a variety of situations, heroically worn by major super stars from Sigourney Weaver to Tom Cruise. (Ah, does anyone recall the early summer blockbuster ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ or are we all too enamored with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ right now? RIP June 2014.)

Aside from looking pretty badass, exo-suits provide many benefits including giving you superhuman strength without the need of experimental drugs, falling into a vat of radiation, or being part robot/mythical creature. Clearly it’s time that exo-suits make their way into real-world applications.

Well, it looks like your prayers have been answered.

A South Korean ship manufacturing company has been piloting exo-suits to aid workers in building vessels.

The shipbuilding company Daewoo has been outfitting some of their employees with pretty neat exo-suits that give these workers the ability to easily lift up to 70 pounds of metal. Reports indicate that an updated version of this type of exo-suit will allow its wearer to lift up to 200 pounds.

The suit itself has a frame made out of carbon, aluminum alloy and steel. Altogether it weighs around 60 pounds. However, the suit spreads its weight around allowing the wearer to move and walk (and hopefully dance and fight aliens) with ease. The suit fits a person who is roughly 63 to 73 inches in height. (Sorry, small and tall people.)

The exo-suit can run on its own for a total of three hours before it needs to be recharged. That’s definitely enough time to get some quality heavy-lifting accomplished.

One question, however. Is it cheating if you go the gym in an exo-suit?

Take a look at the exo-suit below!

Source: Blastr