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In a not-so-stunning move, Roberto Orci has been confirmed as the director for ‘Star Trek 3.’ The announcement came from Scotty himself (Simon Pegg), speaking at the Star Trek Las Vegas Con last weekend. While not officially confirmed by the studios, Orci has been the front-runner to take over the historic franchise for months now, a natural choice as he has long been associated with J.J. Abrams and his team, which should allow the new film to retain much of the same feel as its predecessors. Though it will be his directorial debut, Orci is no stranger to summer blockbusters, having produced or written dozens of films from ‘Transformers’ to the first two ‘Star Trek’ films. And with Orci in the director’s seat, fans can justifiably assume that J.J. Abrams will still have a hand in the project, even if only in a small consulting role.

Aside from the director announcement, Pegg also released a few other juicy details about the upcoming film. They still hope to release the movie in 2016, a fact that pleased many a Trek fan, as 2016 will be the 50th Anniversary of the durable franchise. Of course that puts extra pressure on Orci, as they would have to begin production relatively soon in order to hit that deadline. Pegg also mentioned his desire to see Scotty’s role increase from comic relief to something a little more serious. He seems to feel that Scotty will always have jokes on hand, but he would like to see the character get in on more of the action, and perhaps become a bit more integral to the plot. Whether or not Pegg gets his wish depends on how far along the script is, and whether or not Orci and company agree with him. Personally, I feel it would be nice to see more of Scotty, as he is one of my favorite characters in the rebooted series.

Regardless, I’m sure many fanboys are resting a little easier this week after the news, as they eagerly await the film’s release in (hopefully) 2016.

Source: Cinema Blend