Since it’ll be awhile since we get a sequel to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ I felt that I should at the very least share with you my thoughts on the sequel to the first issue of ‘Legendary Star-Lord‘! With Peter Quill a wanted man across the universe, he is off galavanting around trying to do the right thing… and pick up women. Only the woman he’s run into this time just happens to be his half sister and thankfully they don’t go all ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Game of Thrones‘ with it. Instead they have her trying to arrest him so she can turn him in as bounty.

Where does that leave Peter Quill this issue?

First, I want to talk about how Sam Humphries has voiced our hero in this issue and, well, he did it quite perfectly. Quill is shown to be the ultimate personification of Han Solo on steroids where he has down the smooth talk, the fighting skills, and is always running a con. Thankfully, for the most part at least, the audience isn’t being conned as we’re just along for the ride!

What a ride it is too with Paco Medina showing off a few different interstellar locations, a giant space creature, and perfectly illustrating all of Quill’s bag of tricks that haven’t been getting featured much (outside of a certain movie that we all love.)

So how does Quill get out of the mess he’s in? He talks his half sister into an even bigger score that will set him free at the same time. In doing so we get to have her see Star-Lord in a different light, some great fight scenes, and a new villain get involved in Quill’s life. That’s a good thing too as most of his villains are either on a cosmic scale these days and without the Guardians in this stand-alone title may just be a bit too much for even him.

Of course, his great new villain? A man named Mr. Knife who is using just a knife with a boring outfit isn’t too intimidating. I’m sure they’ll find a way to write him as interesting though if the current trend from the first two issues keeps up!

Overall, the second issue of ‘Legendary Star-Lord’ was a fun read and has potential to push the series over for a few more issues. That being said I much prefer Peter Quill in a group dynamic and with the next issue of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ being the big reveal of what happened with Thanos, Richard Rider, and Star-Lord in the Cancerverse it is hard for me to get too excited about a stand alone title. I can’t let that ruin this issue though so I’ll end this on the following; if you can’t get enough of the Legendary Star-Lord and want more of the humor and action found in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ this is a series you should be making sure to grab!


Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Paco Medina