We still don’t know much about the general direction of the upcoming ‘Star Wars‘ trilogy aside from rumors, but one thing we’ve just learned is that newcomer Daisy Ridley (‘The Inbetweeners 2’, ‘Scrawl’) is set to be in all three of the films. Ridley was kind of a surprise casting call when the official cast was announced as she wasn’t really on anyone’s radar as a potential lead. While it is hard to say who she will be playing at this point, one strong thought is that she could potentially be the offspring of a certain Han and Leia Solo.

With Han and Leia being rumored to be central to the plot in the first film, it could make sense that their child may continue on as a central role in the following two. Of course, that is just speculation as a completely new character, a child of another major character, or even a friend of one of their children could all just as easily end up being ongoing in the series. It could even be a character in one of the spin off films that end up coming back for the movies. If the Boba Fett indicators prove true, it could be the granddaughter of the first Fett that we see who is training to end up in the costume! While I feel that is less likely, anything is still possible until we get an official announcement on her part.

There has yet to be any word at all on which of the rest of the cast will play a major or ongoing role in the future films.

Who would you like to see Ridley play with what little we know of the film? Which of the other actors that have been cast would you like to hear have the same guarentee?

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ blasts off into theaters on December 18, 2015.

Source: Cinema Blend