L to R: Demore Barnes, Lyriq Bent, Todd Stashwick, Romina D’Ugo

The last casting news we had heard about ‘12 Monkeys‘ was that Emily Hampshire (‘Snow Cake,’ ’Cosmopolis’) would be taking the role made famous by Brad Pitt and that Tom Noonan (‘The House of the Devil.’ ‘Heat’) would be her counterpart. Now we have 4 more actors joining up! They are Demore Barnes (‘Hemlock Grove,’ ‘The Unit’), Lyriq Bent (‘Saw II,’ ‘Four Brothers’), Todd Stashwick (‘The Originals,’ ‘Heroes’), and Romina D’Ugo (‘King,’ ‘Turn the Beat Around’). Who will each of these cast members be playing?

Demore Barnes will be playing one of the last soldiers in 2043, where Cole comes from, and goes by the name Whitley. His entire purpose is to help protect Project Splinter in the Temporal Facility where this time travel experiment is taking place in hopes that they can save humanity.

Lyriq Bent is going to play Dr. Henri who is described as a brilliant scientist that is a cutting edge virologist. Will he be helping to cure the outbreak or will he be the one responsible for it being unleashed upon the world?

Todd Stashwick is set to play Deacon who also lives in the future and is the leader of a band of scavengers who believes in “survival of the fittest” (because we can’t have a post apocalyptic setting where there isn’t a band of marauders). The goal of his group, The West 7, is to burn down the last remaining government quarantine zones. I highly suspect we’ll see his character have issues with Demore’s character.

Finally that brings us to Romina D’Ugo who will take on the role of Max. Max is a younger man who has only known the world of the future that has fallen into the ashes and doesn’t really know what things were like prior to the plague.

At least three of these four characters will mainly exist in the future timeline and it is unclear if Bent’s character will also be in that era or exist in the past that Cole is sent back into.

So what do you think of the casting so far for ’12 Monkeys’?


’12 Monkeys’ follows the journey of a time traveler (Stanford) from the post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will eventually decimate the human race. Additional cast members include Tom Noonan (Damages, Hell on Wheels) as the enigmatic face of the Army of the 12 Monkeys, and Emily Hampshire (Rookie Blue) as Jennifer Goines, a dangerous and unstable mental patient.

’12 Monkeys’ is set to be released on Syfy in January, 2015

Source: TV Line