Filming is under way on ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and now we’re getting our fist glimpses of Ben Affleck as Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne.  Twitter user Samuel Otten was on the set and snapped both video footage and still photos of Affleck in business attire.

These are somewhat SPOILER-y so proceed with caution.

Here is how Otten described his experience:

“Several Bruce Wayne stand-in’s and stunt doubles were on set today. You can see them blocking out a scene involving the rescue of a small girl and the collapsing of a large piece of the Wayne Financial building. Based on city buses and police cars, this is presumed to be in Metropolis, not Gotham. I don’t know that any of these are Ben Affleck himself, but you can be the judge. Probably him in the first sequence, but definitely not the later ones. At the very least, it’s Bruce Wayne.”

Here are a few pictures that do appear to be Affleck in the role.

As you can see, it looks as if Affleck has gray temples, supporting earlier reports that Batman would be much older than Superman. It’s reported that he will have been active for 30 years and has lost contact with Nightwing.  There’s also reference to a tattered Robin costume, which may play a part.

Wayne appears to be attempting to rescue a a girl from the wreckage of the Wayne Financial building in Metropolis.  It’s rumored that these events will take place during the climactic battle from ‘Man of Steel’ which destroyed huge chunks of the major city, and will allegedly turn public opinion against Superman.

You can see him in action below:

‘Batman V. Superman’ doesn’t hit theaters until 2016, but are you getting excited for this next DC movie?

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