This Spring you’re going to have three days to revisit one of the most iconic 80s films on the big screen as Fathom Events is set to give us a limited screening of ‘Labyrinth‘! The Jim Henson Company and Sony Pictures Entertainment have teamed up with the events service to give us another chance to see this classic 1986 movie, and I can’t wait! As of reading this, you should be making time to spent either April 29th, May 1st, or May 2nd, 2018 in a theater that will have a showing!

From a young future Oscar-winning Jennifer Connelly to David Bowie there are knock out performances all around. The visuals still stand up to today’s standards with practical effects that are out of this world.

Not only will you have a chance to see ‘Labyrinth’ on the big screen but each one will be an extended run as we’ll see an introduction to the movie by both Connelly and Brian Henson, Jim Henson’s son. On top of that, there will be an excerpt from Jim Henson’s ‘The Storyteller.’ Henson will also be speaking about the special effects that they use which were crucial to the creation of the movie.

According to Fathom Events’ vice president of studio relations Tom Lucas:

“Labyrinth is one of the most frequently requested titles and has an enormous fan base. It’s a film with great appeal to a huge audience — and also a cinematic experience that can be enjoyed over and over, always revealing more surprises. We couldn’t be happier to share it with moviegoers again.”

As this isn’t an exact anniversary of the film, I suspect it means that we’ll be hearing more about that potential spinoff film which has been in various stages of pre-production over the years.

You can look for a local showing over at Fathom Events!

Are you excited for a chance to see ‘Labyrinth’ on the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly