Tournament of Nerds 2

The final Screen Junkies panel we attended was more of a contest of improv and nerd knowledge than anything else, but in many ways, it was the most entertaining of all the panels. ,Various people from Screen Junkies dressed up as some

Various people from Screen Junkies dressed up as some fan favorite characters from the movies and went toe-to-toe in a March Madness style competition to curry favor from the judges, who included Doug Benson and Ross Marquand. The judges based their decisions on what really made them laugh, amazing pop culture points, and somewhat by the performance of the actor portraying the film character. If I had one negative thing to say about this one was that there were not more characters up on the stage, as we seemed to fly through rounds and I felt there were not nearly enough random matches of characters who we would normally not see on stage together. Highlights of the match-ups included a heated discussion about whether or not Holly Hunter actually drank the jar of piss in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ a rank discussion about the power of Superman’s bowels (which Doug Benson did not enjoy), anti-highlight uncomfortable moment where the Penguin, in desperation,  pointed out that Dalton (meaning Patrick Swayze) could not beat cancer, and the final actual highlight being the guy playing Anakin Skywalker writing a bland poem for the entirely of his statements, to match the piss-poor acting and writing that accompanied the character in the ‘Star Wars’ prequels. Check out the video, match-ups and final winner below!


Dalton (from ‘Roadhouse’) VS Gollum – Winner Dalton

Kingpin VS The Penguin – Winner Penguin

Holtzman (from ‘Ghostbusters’) VS Belle (from ‘Beauty and the Beast’) – Winner (by audience decision) Belle

Anakin Skywalker VS Superman (from Zack Snyder films) – Winner Superman

Tournament of Nerds 1ROUND 2:

Dalton VS Penguin – Winner Dalton

Belle VS Superman – Winner Superman


Dalton VS Superman – WINNER Dalton

What are your thoughts on the match-ups? Are you as surprised as I was that Patrick Swayze’s character from ‘Roadhouse’ ended up taking the prize? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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