The young Cyclops that has travelled to the present from the past has decided to ditch the ‘All-New X-Men’ and hang out in space with his dad that he thought was dead. In the second issue, he noticed that Corsair is up to all kinds of nefarious things and young Scott has become convinced that his father is not necessarily who he wants to be fully hanging out with — also he might just be a drug addict.

I can’t get over how much I miss the slightly more carefree Scott. Yes, Cyclops is inexperienced here but he isn’t the hardcore militant Summers that his grown up self has evolved into. While the current leader of the ‘Uncanny X-Men’ has his upsides, his rhetoric is nothing like the refreshing idealistic Scott of his youth and I’m enjoying almost every minute of it.

This issue is pretty big as the father and son duo have been shown to have gone through a rough time on every planet they’ve been to so far and why that has been. The real kicker though is that they are finally downed by a malfunction of Corsair’s ship and land on an apparently abandoned planet.

At least they are fortunate enough that it appears to sustain human life. Still this finally addresses what Scott has been thinking of his dad as well as Corsair’s death and how he’s up and about instead of six feet underground. It’s a very telling issue and the two have some amazing father and son bonding moments.

I can’t really go much further without talking about Dauterman’s art. As enjoyable as the book was, there was a lot of story telling and it wouldn’t have worked as his art beautifully showed it all. I want to see Dauterman stay on cosmic X-titles for the near future and potentially get in on more of them. His style is amazing and he is going to be going far in the industry. Totally off topic, the main reason I’m considering picking up the new ‘Thor’ title is because he is doing the art for it.

This issue ended beautifully in a very bitter-sweet moment. Currently Corsair has 27 days to live and Scott has to come to terms with the fact that his father that he thought was dead is now dying in front of him. The two have a great bonding moment with one month left to share each other’s time if they can’t find a way off the planet to further extend Corsair’s life.

With how much praise I’ve been heaping on this issue, you may wonder why there isn’t a perfect score here. Well aside from the lack of action that we were given, that you would expect from a road space trip between a father and son (where one is a pirate and the other is a mutant), the book just went by too quickly. I didn’t do a page count so I’m not sure if it was just short but to be honest, it was too quick of a read. That being said, the art was spectacular, we were given answers to a few key questions, and a solid point to move forward from.


Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Russell Dauterman