While the highlight of the Warner Brothers SDCC 2014 panel was the teaser for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ you shouldn’t hold your breath to see it surface online. While almost every other studio under the sun is releasing their trailers early, DC and Warner Brothers are holding their cards close to their chest. According to WB’s president of worldwide marketing Sue Kroll:

“That’s just going to live in that hall. We’ll post extended trailers and stills, but that presentation, that was just for those fans.”

Gee, way to make your fans who couldn’t get to SDCC feel awesome, Sue! Apparently she’s been taking lessons from Steven Moffat who denied fans outside of Hall H a look at the ‘Doctor Who’   teaser last year.

Thankfully, we’ve got those of you who weren’t able to make it covered! First up is a description of the teaser by someone who was in attendance.

“It starts off with Ben Affleck’s Batman in a suit that we haven’t seen yet. It’s big and bulky like the armour he wears in “The Dark Knight Returns”. His eyes light up solid white as he pulls tarp off of the Batsignal. Superman appears in the spotlight and his eyes light up red with heat vision as he glares down at Batman. Then the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice logo appears.”

So that is what to expect. If you aren’t good at conceptualizing what that would look like though there is a fan-made teaser that can give you a better idea. Remember, this isn’t the official one just what a fan created using images of Cavill and Affleck that have been floating around.

I’m curious as to see what Batman’s eyes look in the new outfit.

That isn’t all we have to share with you today though as we have an image from Gotham that DC shared followed by two fan captures images from Metropolis. It looks like Gotham is doing a little better if you compare these two.

Are you annoyed about the lack of DC sharing the teaser? What did you think from the description and the fan made one? More importantly what do you think is tearing up Metropolis? Share your thoughts below!

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