‘Battlestar Galactica’ alum Katee Sackhoff set fanboy tongues a-wagging when she made a teasing tweet the other day which read:

Does this mean that Sackhoff is up for a role in an upcoming Marvel movie?! Nope. Stan Lee is the “Chairman Emeritus” of Marvel, meaning “chairman for life”, which is an honorary title.  He has absolutely nothing to do with the day-to-day running of either the publisher or the movie studio.  The fact that he makes cameos in some of their movies is simply a sign of respect on the part of the filmmakers and originally, he vowed only to appear in movies featuring characters that he himself invented along with his artistic co-creators.  (After much arm-twisting, he relented to a cameo in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, a movie featuring characters that he neither created nor, in some cases, had ever heard of.)  While always making time for his Marvel fans, Lee has moved on to his own multimedia companies– first Stan Lee Media, then POW!– in hopes of bringing new properties to both comics and movies. That said, it’s entirely possible that Sackhoff is vying for a role in one of Lee’s self-owned productions.  Lee’s projects have struggled to get off the ground, despite “The Man’s” signature over-the-top personality. Then again, Sackhoff has one other high-profile supporter for her landing a Marvel role:

Chris Hemsworth better watch his ass!

All that said, will we ever see a solo female marvel hero take center stage?

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ writer Nicole Perlman recently spoke to ‘Time Magazine’ and revealed:

“I can’t tell you what the other titles were that they were offering up on the table, but I can tell you that one of them was a little bit more appropriate for me, just based on gender. I think they were a little taken aback when I chose ‘Guardians’, because there were ones that would make a lot more sense if you were a romantic-comedy writer or something like that.”

Hmmm, first she said “one of them” but then says “there were ones…” implying that Marvel is definitely hoping to introduce at least one female solo hero if not more.

The most likely candidate for a solo movie is Carol Danvers, a powerful cosmically-fueled powerhouse, who Marvel recently very conscientiously recast with the less gender-specific code name Captain Marvel and whose antiquated “bathing suit” costume was traded in for a fully concealing military-inspired suit.  It seems for years Marvel has been pushing the character as their lead female hero.  Her book was recently relaunched, giving it a more cosmic spin.  And what’s the newest Marvel movie?  Why ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’!  Hmmmmm…?

Of course, with Black Widow gaining such prominence from appearing in ‘The Avengers’ (and whose movie would probably a lot cheaper to produce), she may have jumped to the top of the list.  (One thing’s for sure, it’s probably not The Wasp.)

What do you think?  Do you want to see Sackhoff as a Marvel character?  If so, which one?

And what other Marvel females do you want to see on the big screen in their own movies?

Source: Cinema Blend