For over two decades, ‘Batman: The Animated Series‘ has been considered by many to be a near perfect adaptation of The Dark Knight’s adventures. The show’s dark brooding overtones combined with the cartoonish nature of The Caped Crusader’s escapades and the sleek stylized designs of the world and its characters has left a lasting impression upon generations of Batman fans. That’s why even after all of these years, fans can’t seem to get enough of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, and are still hungry for more! Luckily, the team at Diamond Select Toys is looking to satiate that hunger with their new series of busts and statues based on the iconic animated series! The first piece in the set is a 6” resin bust, which of course features Batman himself, is in stores now! Earlier this year Diamond Select Toys released a special San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Black & White color variant of the Batman bust, based on his appearance in the fan favorite episode “Almost Got ‘Im”! Today we’re taking a look at this special Black & White edition of Diamond Select Toys’ Batman bust from ‘Batman: The Animated Series’!

Let me start by saying, WOW! This piece is a beauty! The sculpt here is spectacular and flawlessly brings the caped crusaders likeness to life. It looks as if Batman has stepped right off of the screen from the legendary animated series! This bust’s design is based off of Batman’s look from the original ’Batman: The Animated Series’, rather than the designs from later when it was renamed ’The New Batman Adventures’. As I mentioned before, this particular version is the SDCC Exclusive Black & White “Almost Got ‘Im” edition, so while the colors might not pop very much, it certainly makes for a nice stylish piece. The paint apps are handled impeccably, with no bleed over from one area to another. The black and white style blends perfectly with various shades of grey to give a distinct look that make this piece stand out!

While this is the SDCC Exclusive Black & White version of the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Batman bust, this piece comes in a full color box. The front and each side of the two sides of the box feature images of the bust itself, while the top of the box sports the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ logo. The back of the box gives some more information and backstory on the ‘Batman’ character himself. It also makes reference to the fact that this is the “Almost Got ‘Im” edition of the bust, which is limited to 1100 pieces.

This 6” resin bust comes poised on an art deco base sporting the distinct streamlined gothic style that was also featured on many of the buildings in the 1992 animated series. Each bust is also hand-numbered on the bottom (mine is #1027 of 1100!) and includes a certificate of authenticity so you know that it’s the real deal!

Overall, this SDCC Exclusive 6” ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Batman “Almost Got ’Im” Black & White Edition Resin Bust is fantastic! This piece is the first of what looks like an amazing line from Diamond Select Toys. With an amazing sculpt, superb paint applications, this Black & White Edition of the bust is a brilliant representation of the Batman character as seen in his celebrated animated series. If this Black & White Edition is so great, I can only imagine how nice the full color version looks! This SDCC Black & White Edition is no longer available, but you can snag the full color standard release edition directly from Diamond Select Toys here!