SPOILER ALERT!  This is a possible plot set up for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII.’  Do not continue reading if you want to avoid spoilers!

So it seems that the plot to ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ has been revealed… unofficially of course.  Of course, it could all be fabricated, so take everything with a grain of salt.

According  to the details leaked by Badass Digest, they received some information as to how ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ will open and the film’s plot. If you have been avoiding spoilers for the film, you should turn back now. Otherwise…

The movie opens with the classic ‘Star Wars’ scroll.  At the end, the camera pans up to the stars, in a similar style to ‘A New Hope’, but rather than space ships flying by, we see a severed hand floating in space, clutching a light sabre.

The hand and light sabre land on a desert planet (it’s hinted that it is a new desert planet, not Tattoine), where it is discovered by two new, young characters.  Their names have not been revealed, but one is played by Daisy Ridley and the other is John Boyega, whose character is attempting to straighten his life out.  They recognize the light sabre as a Jedi artifact and decide to return it to the rightful people.

This leads them to an encounter with Han Solo and Chewbacca.  They are piloting a craft different from the Millennium Falcon, but the exact craft was not revealed.  Han realizes that the sabre was Luke’s and reveals that he hasn’t seen Luke since the end of ‘Return of the Jedi’.  The heroes then embark on a quest to find their long lost ally.

Meanwhile, on an ice planet (once again, hinted that it is a new world, not Hoth), evil forces are constructing a weapon more lethal than the Death Star.  This weapon will be able to wipe out entire solar systems.

The new story is structured to echo ‘A New Hope’ in a lot of ways and the reporting source obviously knows more than he’s letting on, but then again, ‘Star Wars’ fans can be very spoiler-phobic.  The movie is still a ways off, so no need to ruin everything this early on.  But as I said, this could all be made up, so don’t buy into anything just yet.

Does this basic plot sound intriguing to you?