With the prequel to ‘The Shining’ having been written by Glen Mazzara (‘The Walking Dead’,’The Shield’), Warner Brothers has been eagerly looking for a director for ‘The Overlook Hotel‘ and it looks like they just found one!

So who is in line for the task of making another reservation into one of King’s most famous hotel? It would appear that they just locked in Mark Romanek (‘One Hour Photo’, ‘Never Let Me Go’) to helm the film. Not only do they want him working on it, but they’ve taken him off the next Casey Affleck film ‘Boston Strangler’ so that he can focus completely on the project and get it moving.

Original rumors had Alfonso Cuaron in the director’s chair though we aren’t sure why that didn’t go through at this time. Honestly I think I’d rather see Romanek’s take on the film.

While I was initially a little iffy that a prequel for ‘The Shining’ was being made, the tone of ‘One Hour Photo’ really has the feel that would work int his film. I won’t lie, the fact that Mazzara was working on it is what initially gave me some hope here as I’ve been a fan of his work as well.

The screenplay is planned to be based on the original prologue from ‘The Shining’ which was cut before the book was first published in 1977. The contents tell the story of the Overlook Hotel from when it first opened through the eyes of its original owner, Bob T. Watson, only he got a little more than he bargained for once the hotel actually opened.

There is also no word at this time if either Romanek or Mazzara will somehow be attached to ‘Dr. Sleep’, the sequel to ‘The Shining’ that is also being made into a feature film over at Warner Brothers.

What are your thoughts on the prequel being made? Is it necessary to expand the past of the Hotel on screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Wrap