Check Out The Disney Princess Scene From Ralph Breaks The Internet!

The highly anticipated ‘Wreck it Ralph’ sequel, ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet,’ has hit theaters, and fans are loving it! One of the most talked-about scenes was one featuring the royal ladies of Disney. Vanellope finds her way into the company of every Disney Princess, and gets to explain that she too, is royalty! Disney has released an extended look at the scene.

During the scene, the princesses argue over whether Vanellope should be part of their world (I’m here all week). She is quizzed about the stereotypical qualities of the princesses throughout the years, like the ability to talk to animals. While Vanellope doesn’t have the same qualities as the other ladies, they do agree that they are so over the old storyline of being saved by a man!

The scene is iconic, as it brings together characters from more than a dozen movies over the years, and just about every original vocal performer returned for the film! ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston said that the returning actresses had a ton of say over how their characters were portrayed in the film. Johnston explained:

“We did the scene first with temp voices, so we knew what the scene was all about when we went to them. And we sent them the script so everyone knew what the scene was like and we thought, I hope everyone’s game to do something that’s part irreverent but respectful of their characters at the same time. And every single actor that we went to loved the idea and actually when they came in helped elevate the comedy or the scene as an actor does, and would point out, well, my character wouldn’t say it like that, she would say it a little bit more like that. And it just added that extra layer of authenticity to the princesses.”

He continued, saying:

“Because, as we got to work with each one of them, it became really apparent to us that they really embody those characters. There is a huge … Beyond the voice that they provided, obviously, so much of the character is embodied by their personalities. It was amazing. And we even, after each record session, set up a little time where the actress would sit with our animation department just to talk about the characters and the approach that they have when they played the characters. And it was great to watch this new crop of animators who were inspired by ‘The Little Mermaid’ or the movies from the 90s, to meet these actors that provided the voices. These were the characters that inspired them to become animators.”

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is in theaters now! Check out the scene in question below!