Magneto has been busy on his own after he broke off from the ‘Uncanny X-Men’ and is currently using his powers to eliminate human threats towards mutantkind. A few issues back we were introduced to a mysterious woman who has been helping Magneto find his targets though it has been clearly spelled out to the viewer she clearly has a plan to use him to her own ends. The real question is if Magneto has realized that or not.

In this issue, his human contact has told him about mutants disappearing in China. What is happening to them is unknown. His mission (if he chooses to accept it) is to find out what is going on there. In this issue, we learn a little more about his unofficial handler as we find out she is not only well connected but also is apparently wealthy or has access to a lot of money. When its brought up that he can no longer just fly himself to China, she gives him use of her private jet.

Its a great point to insert the quip that she wanted to make sure that Magneto didn’t just want her for her money.

It doesn’t take Magneto long to find a way to get himself trapped and that is where the true fun of the issue begins. We don’t just get another set of amazing illustrations, but we get to see the Master of Magnetism at his best. Instead of using his powers, he thwarts his enemies using his brain and hands. Even with his powers so severely crippled, he has proven that he is still a major threat and in this issue he proves he doesn’t need his power to be dangerous.

I really feel that we’re growing to something big as the missions he comes across continue to become more dangerous. I enjoyed the villain brought forth in this issue as I clearly remember the first time he had to tangle with it and watching this take on their fight was so much more fun. While it is good to see this villain closer to his original roots and adding it that he has been mainly going up against those against the law he has still been breaking the law himself here, I have to wonder how he is going to end up back on the side of angels when this is all said and done. Assuming he does of course.

This is a new iteration of Magneto and I’m quite enjoying it. No longer the mutant who believes he was a messiah for a new world and no longer the mutant who was trying to atone for his sins. This Magneto is as full of conviction and self worth as either prior versions but he is on a mission. If he wasn’t starring in his own title, I think he’d be a great addition to the new line of ‘X-Force’ — if he and Cable wouldn’t constantly be butting heads on whose agenda should be followed.

This was another great issue of Magneto and Bunn has really taken on Magneto’s voice as his own. I just hope the build up from single stories to a clearly larger developing background plot happens sooner than later.


Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Javier Fernandez Barranco, Gabriel Hernandez Walta