The latest take on the most famous vampire of all time is coming in ‘Dracula Untold‘  and we have four new images from the movie to share with you! The trailer looks pretty good and the production quality is clearly there. With this new take on the origin of Dracula being portrayed by Luke Evans, we’ll be finding out more about his life as a human, his family, and what drove him to become one of the most iconic villains in written history. It all boils down to Mehmet II demanding that Transylvania give up 1,000 children to enlist in his army and Vlad’s son is required to be one of them.

That doesn’t go over well as Vlad isn’t about to part with his son that easily. What father would if they had a choice?

Of these four shots, two of them look to be behind the scenes while two of them look to be stills from the film itself. Unless that is of course they have baseball caps and cameras back when this took place and I’m pretty sure there is no time travel involved in this one.

How do you feel about the latest shots from ‘Dracula Untold’? Do you plan on seeing this new take on Vlad’s origin and his decent into darkness? Share your thoughts below!

Directed by Gary Shore, ‘Dracula Untold’ stars Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Diarmaid Murtaugh, Dominic Cooper and Samantha Barks and is set to be released on October 17th, 2014.

Source: Collider