It looks as if Iron Man is going to be joining Wolverine, Captain America, and Thor as Avengers who are going through some major life changes. In Marvel’s push to transform the major players on the team, it looks like Tony Stark is now going to have his own crisis to face. Aside from Pym and Banner, we don’t have many more of the old school members left to see changed around.

For those that missed out, when it comes to these specific Avengers we first were teased that Wolverine was going to die and old friends would carry on his legacy. After that, we found out that Thor was going to lose the right to be worthy to hold his hammer and a new female Thor was going to take his place. Finally we learned that Steve Rogers is now without the super soldier serum and that a new Captain America is going to wield the shield. Now we find out that Tony Stark is having a major life change after the upcoming AXIS crossover event and will be moving to the west coast.

At least this doesn’t spell out someone else will be taking his place. I was almost convinced something was going to happen and Arno was going to start wearing the armor.

While Tony moving to the West Coast isn’t that big of a deal in itself, it looks as if the fallout of AXIS is going to unleash Tony’s ego in a big way. So big that he’s feeling a little Superior as the new ‘Superior Iron Man’ title reflects. This isn’t going to be a mind swap or alternate version of Tony though. No, this is going to be a Tony that has moved to San Francisco and feels that the entire population there should have Extremis to offer its users beauty, perfection, and possibly immortality.

Being in California we’ll of course see a crossover with Daredevil who is a recent transplant. Who knows what other characters will end up making guest appearances.

According to Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso:

“What we’re doing here is a little different — it’s Tony Stark, the one and only Tony Stark — and in the aftermath of the Axis event, he will surrender to his id and his legendary ego. You’ll see Tony in a new place spiritually and intellectually.”

We’ve seen a lot of alternate futures where Tony has gotten his way and built Utopias, but so far he’s remained relatively grounded in the comics. Well, that is when he isn’t an alcoholic, or running S.H.I.EL.D., having the Illuminati wipe Steve Rogers’ memories, or any number of other areas where we haven’t seen his ego get loose.

Alonso adds:

“Yes, this is Tony. What you’re seeing in Superior Iron Man is a Tony Stark who’s seen both his worst and best impulses all let loose. It is Tony, but he’s going to be in a zone now where he’s never been. He’s more ambitious, cunning, egotistical … all of those quantities are unharnessed. He has a vision for the world. I like to think his position is defensible — controversial, but defensible. Don’t look for anything to contradict this Iron Man for the foreseeable future.”

What does Alonso mean with that last comment? Well he will still be showing up in ‘The Avengers’ titles and most likely others. All of those appearances though will be the new super ego filled Tony Stark.

Of all of the recent proposed changes to major characters, this one probably resonates the most with me.

What do you think of Tony’s new mindset? How about the look of his new armor? Are you looking forward to the new direction of the character?

Source: Mashable