Sam Elliott The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The BigfootSam Elliott (‘A Star Is Born,’ ‘The Hero’) is the kind of actor who you feel is made for a western and yet has a dry sense of humor that allows him to play almost any part. Even with that in mind, if it wasn’t for his work on ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘The Ranch,’ it would almost seem not possible that his next cinematic outing would have him playing ‘The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot.’ This trailer not only shows off that we’re in for a fun movie but it also has one of the most absurd titles that I’ve read in recent years and I can’t wait to see more of it! Also, I feel that Elliott is an amazing actor so that probably helps how excited I am for the movie.

First up, though, here’s what the film will be about:

Since WWII, Calvin Barr has lived with the secret that he was responsible for the assassination of Adolf Hitler. Now, decades later, the US government has called on him again for a new top-secret mission. Bigfoot has been living deep in the Canadian wilderness and carrying a deadly plague that is now threatening to spread to the general population. Relying on the same skills that he honed during the war, Calvin must set out to save the free world yet again. Starring Sam Elliott (A Star is Born), Aidan Turner (“Poldark”), Caitlin FitzGerald (“Masters of Sex”) and Ron Livingston (Office Space), THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND THEN THE BIGFOOT follows the epic adventures of an American legend that no one has ever heard of.

The idea of Elliott having to go toe to toe with a sasquatch just puts a smile on my face.

You can see our first look of the film right here!


The concept for this is, and the film has quickly jumped to being near the top of my must-watch list.

Outside of Elliott the film also stars Aidan Turner, Caitlin FitzGerald, Larry Miller, and Ron Livingston. It was written and directed by Robert D. Krzykowski.

Are you looking forward to Sam Elliott playing ‘The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot’? What did you think about the first trailer for this film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND THEN THE BIGFOOT will be in Theaters, VOD & Digital HD February 8!

Source: Entertainment Weekly