The grandiose and sprawling worlds of the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ franchise unveiled a new cinematic trailer for ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity,’ along with a brief but riveting history lesson which reveals a potentially deadly hidden enemy!

Although some liberties have been taken with the history of the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ story arc, much of the game’s interactions reveal historical truths. Several well known figures throughout our past have been injected into the narrative. To name but a few, the great Leonardo da Vinci, Rodrigo Borgia, King Louis XVI and that zany Marie Antoinette find their way into your gameplay experience. Cake or death? I’ll have the chicken, please.

‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ takes place in 1789 France, when the oppressed commoners rose up against the monarchy that for so long held them under an ungrateful and self righteous rule. As Arno, your task is to journey and expose the true powers behind this bloody Revolution. This will lead to him becoming a true Master Assassin!

I. for one. know that my son is looking forward to experiencing the open world of 18th-century Paris in unique narrative-driven missions designed exclusively for co-op play! As with many co-op games, you must play to your strengths in order to succeed. Be mindful of the gear you will acquire along the way in your solo missions, as this gear will become available in the co-op in order to define your particular fighting style.

In addition to the great game play, new parkour mechanics for free running up, across, and down city walls and buildings add to your powerful character’s repertoire. A new, expansive skill tree allows you to mix and match from hundreds of possible combinations to build your stealth, fighting, and navigation abilities.

As you will see in the trailer below, a mysterious skull-clad villain appears to be in line for your big boss fighting pleasure. It is unknown at this point what his true identity really is, or if he is simply a new creation for in game.

Check out the trailer, and leave your comments below! And look to for more details, trailers and news on your favorites genres!

Source: Game Rant