The mid-season finale of ‘The Walking Dead‘ delivered a bunch of shockers including the death of Hershel  and the destruction of The Prison stronghold in which Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors had been dwelling.  What does that leave for the remainder of this season?  Well, we have a few spoilers for you.  Proceed with caution!

1. The Group Divided – In the last episode, the group was scattered in the destruction of The Prison, a combination of an assault by The Governor and his forces and a Walker attack.  Don’t expect the main characters to come back together soon.  Instead, expect more character-centric episodes, like the two episodes that focused on The Governor prior to the mid-season finale.

2. Speaking Of…Daryl Dixon fans should be happy that the character, played by Norman Reedus, will be the focus of at least one episode, possibly two.  In the last episode, he was seen fleeing The Prison with Beth.  Here’s hoping for more crossbowing and less singing.

3. Carl Also Carries One Episode – In the comics, Rick fell ill after the group left the prison, so Carl had to care for him as he laid unconscious.  It appears that the show will adapt that storyline, as the last episode’s previews hinted at Carl fending off Walkers on his own.  Andrew Lincoln expressed, “Just wait, all I will say is just wait for what this kid [Chandler Riggs] is going to do this season. He I think has done one of the best episodes certainly this season, and he kind of carries it. It’s beautiful what he’s done.”  This could explain the release of this poster by AMC:

4. Carol Returns – This was really never in doubt.  The forever evolving Carol, played by Melissa McBride, was dismissed by Rick, but will resurface in the second half of season four.  According to rumors, she will meet up with Tyreese, who does not know yet that she killed Karen, his love interest who fell sick toward the start of this season, kicking off the “flu” storyline.

5. A Major Character Dies – No clue on who, but reports are that a character that is still alive in the comics will actually die on the show earlier.  This rules out a few characters, but of the remaining cast members, that leaves Rick, Carl, Maggie and Michonne as possible candidates.  Place your bets now.

What do you hope to see in the second half of season four?  Sound off below!

Source ComicBook.Com