Looks like the studios need to start distributing memos to toy companies as another one has unwittingly revealed a major spoiler! This time it’s from Joss Whedon’s highly anticipated crossover movie ‘The Avengers.’

Ever since the movie went into production, rumors of another villain, other than Loki, have been circulating but have been successfully kept as a well-guarded secret…until now. The toymaker company NECA (National Entertainment Collectors Association) sent out a release to retailers this week detailing the newest HeroClix product descriptions among them being the new Marvel figurines for ‘The Avengers.’ In it, it clearly revealed who the second villain is joining Loki to battle Captain America and Thor. Here’s the product description for the Avengers figurines that was sent out:

“Charging straight out of theaters and onto your tabletop, Marvel’s the Avengers Movie HeroClix set features heroes like Captain America and Thor as they battle the villainy of the Red Skull and Loki! Each Counter-Top display includes standard one-figure boosters as well as new three-figure “Team Packs”! Team Packs are designed with strong thematic undertones – play a Hydra force or defend freedom with a S.H.I.E.L.D. team pack!”

Yep! You read right! They mentioned Red Skull! If you recall, at the end of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’, Red Skull (played by Hugo Weaving) was transported into another realm. Theoretically, that other realm could have been Asgard where Red Skull would then have the opportunity to meet Loki and together they scheme to take over the Earth.

Now it is also entirely possible that the toy makers could have just thrown the Red Skull in the collection as he is part of the Marvel Universe and the Avengers line contains 24 single figures and 4 team packs of 3 figures each. So they may have needed filler characters to complete the set.

If the rumors are true, this is exciting news! It makes the movie a little more exciting than just having one villain against all those superheroes, don’t you think? So what is your opinion? Is Red Skull the second villain in ‘The Avengers?’

Source: THR