Fans of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks are looking forward to the full release of ‘Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery’ on July 29th, 2014 on Blu-Ray and we’ve got the first deleted scene to share with you! While it is going to be a great place to have the full collection all in one area, it really is the special features that are going to be selling it in my view. For me, my favorite part is that we’ll have a slew of both deleted scenes as well as outtakes from the original series!

The first deleted scene being shared from ‘Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery’ can actually be viewed below! Directly from the pilot, it is one of the several deleted scenes from the TV series that were recently discovered which will be included on the box set. In it you’ll be able to see Cooper meet Donna for the first time as he starts the initial investigation of Laura Palmer’s murder.

Here is what you can expect on the Blu-Ray collection when it is released later this month:

  • A retrospective documentary on the making of “Fire Walk With Me,” including cast and crew interviews
  • Newly-discovered deleted scenes and outtakes from the TV series
  • Over 130 behind-the-scenes images from Lynch’s personal collection
  • 10 “vignettes of iconic Twin Peaks themes” entitled “Atmospherics,” feature a montage of sounds and imagery “to further immerse fans in the mysterious world of Twin Peaks.”
  • The previously-released four-part documentary “Secrets From Another Place: Creating Twin Peaks”
  • Extended version of “A Slice of Lynch,” featuring the complete and uncut conversation between Lynch and cast members Kyle MacLachlan and Madchen Amick previously included on the Gold Box DVD collection.
  • New featurette in which Lynch interviews the members of the Palmer family, Leland, Sarah, and Laura, in character “about their current existence in this life and the next,” followed by in addition to a brand-new featurette in which Lynch interviews all three members of the Palmer family (Leland, Sarah and daughter Laura) in character “about their current existence in this life and the next,” followed by a conversation with actors Ray Wise, Grace Zabriskie and Sheryl Lee.

Not only is the collection of ‘Twin Peaks’ worth it for the series alone but now with the new (and previously released) added bonuses this really is the ultimate collection to want to pickup! Are you looking forward to a return trip to Twin Peaks? Which bonus feature are you most looking forward to having a chance to check out?