It looks like Warner Brothers and New Line haven’t been sitting idly by with ‘Annabelle‘ as they’ve just announced a release date for the film! Not only that but ‘The Conjuring 2‘ has also already conjured up one as well It looks as if we’ll have a chance to see ‘Annabelle’ on the big screen on October 3rd, 2014 while ‘The Conjuring 2’ will be out on October 23rd, 2015.

In ‘Annabelle’ we’ll see the doll that was briefly shown in ‘The Conjuring.’ The film with directed by John R. Leonetti and written by Gary Dauberman and while it will not relate directly to the original movie but focus primarily on the doll itself. While there is no word whether Vera Farmiga (‘Bates Motel,’’Orphan’) and Patrick Wilson (‘Insidious,’ ’Watchmen’) will reprise their roles as Lorraine and Ed Warren who were seen in ‘The Conjuring,’ we do know that Annabelle Wallis (‘The Tudors’, ‘X-Men: First Class’) and Ward Horton (‘Fringe’, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’) are attached to star in the film.

In ‘The Conjuring 2,’ also known as ‘The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist’, we will see Vera and Patrick return once again. Past that,there are no details available on the script though if the title is correct, we’ll be dealing with a poltergeist in this one. If that is the case, this involves a haunting that was partially concluded to be a hoax with a council house in Brimsdown village in Enfield, England. At this time Carey and Chad Hayes are returning for writing duties and no director has been announced. While I’m sure we’d all love to see James Wan return to the director’s chair at this time he has no official plans past working on ‘Fast & Furious 7’.

Are you looking forward to both ‘Annabelle’ And ‘The Conjuring 2’ hitting the big screen? Are you worried that the changing of directors on the sequel to ‘The Conjuring’ may hurt the sequel? Do you have any thoughts on a different writer working on the spinoff? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline