With ‘American Gods’ getting ready to be released, Neil Gaiman‘s name is becoming even more popular than it ever was so it should be no surprise to anyone that Fox has tapped the creative genius to help bring ‘The Building’ to the small screen. The series itself has spawned from the Netflix released digital film ‘Parallels‘ and will explore the ideas from that film in an expanded format. Aside from Gaiman, 20th Century Fox TV has also brought in Angry Films to help develop the project.

‘Parallels’ itself was written and directed by Chris Leone with the story by Leone and Laura Harkom. It was released on a low-budget and quickly built up a huge fanbase. The concept for the film really feels like a version of the cult classic show ‘Sliders’ just without much of the humor from that series. Basically, what happens in the film is that there is a building which can transport those inside to alternate Earths who each had their own unique history. Some are highly dangerous while some have had peace and increased technology.

However, those inside have no say as to what world they will end up in so trying to get back to their own Earth isn’t going to be that easy of a task.

‘The Building’ is set to potentially explore the origins of that building though there is no word if it will ever tie directly into the film itself or include some of the original cast showing up again.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Building’? Do you feel that this is an original concept that will be worth checking out or like much great science fiction will it be lucky to last a season on Fox? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Deadline

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