Despite already having already filmed some scenes in civilian attire, Gal Gadot is apparently not quite yet in Wonder Woman fighting form, according to ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ director Zack Snyder.  The admittedly slim actress was announced back in December as having landed the highly coveted role as comic books’ first lady in what was then assumed to be a sequel to last year’s ‘Man of Steel’.  (It’s been since revealed that this movie is a piece of a larger puzzle and that ‘Man of Steel’ will get a more proper sequel in May 2018.)  Gadot has been working out quite a bit to get into Amazon shape, but it sounds like she’s not quite there yet.  (Uh… but they’re already shooting!)

Speaking to USA Today, Snyder admitted that he hadn’t filmed the actress in her heroic role yet and that “She’s working out and getting buffed and ripped.”  But she’s had six months.  Granted that’s not a huge amount of time for normal people, but for celebrities that can spend hours everyday working out… well, we’ve certainly seen some pretty radical transformations in relatively short amounts of time, including Chris Pratt, the formerly doughy actor who got into ripped shape, first for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and even more so for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

Is this cause to worry?  Filming on this movie has begun, but it doesn’t even seem like its fully cast as news on that front keeps emerging.  Don’t most movies spend a few weeks with the actors rehearsing together?  Are complete strangers walking onset and simply stepping into their roles?  Is the script even fully completed?  There have been so many rumors that haven’t been confirmed or denied about this movie, it’s hard to know what to believe.

Or is this more misdirection?  It was rumored just days ago that Kevin Smith had penned a fake script to throw websites off and that nearly everything we knew about this movie came as a result of this false script.  Smith himself has since publicly denied that and it appears to have been a hoax.  Previously, fans had been speculating as to what exactly Warner Brothers and DC had planned for their splashy SDCC presentation.  Many had hoped that a shot of Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman costume would be the crowning jewel.  If Snyder’s statement is true, guess not.  But IS the statement true or is he just throwing us off the scent so they can sneak the image or footage in and surprise people?

This movie starting to make my head hurt.  Let’s just hope that at SDCC we get some concrete facts about the movie so we can end all this speculation and rumor mongering.  Honestly, it’s getting exhausting!

Do you hope to see a photo or even footage of Gal Gadot in costume?  Or does that fact that the movie isn’t due until 2016 make it easier to wait until next year?

Source: Movie Pilot