So far it  has been a year full of ‘Dead Island’ announcements with ‘Dead Island 2’ and ‘Dead Island: Epidemic‘ having already been announced. If you’ve been wanting to know more about the events that happened in the first game, you’ve been limited on what you could find out. Well, that is until ‘Escape Dead Island is released that is set to show you a little of how everything came together.

Being told through the eyes of a new character, a journalist who happens to be good in a fight, we discover the origins of the ‘Dead Island’ franchise. I’m sure that doesn’t sound at all like the plot used by the original ‘Dead Rising’ game by Capcom to anyone else, right?

Not only that, but console owners are going to be happy to see that this is hitting all of the last gen systems at the same time as it is released initially on the PC! I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear of a Nextgen announcement between now and the game’s release.

‘Escape Dead Island’ is set well before the California outbreak and before Banoi from the first game. The setting here is on the mysterious island of Narapela where everything came together.

Every virus has an origin. Before the California outbreak in Dead Island 2, there was Banoi. Before the Banoi outbreak, there was the mysterious island of Narapela.

Survive long enough to escape and reveal the story behind the virus in Escape Dead Island, available this Fall on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

The new game play style looks pretty familiar and I love that we’re going to see the main character’s point of view while drugs (or an early version of the virus) are pumping through his system causing us to have to discover not only what is going on, but more about the character as play.

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