It’s rare to see a comic writer take on both the art and writing for a comic series but Skottie Young did just that for the first issue of ‘Rocket Raccoon’! In this issue where we focus on another member of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ on a solo mission, we see Rocket (who don’t forget isn’t actually a Raccoon) saving a princess and watching Groot in the middle of a boxing match.

Wait. Groot? Wasn’t this supposed to be a solo issue? Well, it is! Groot and even Star-Lord both briefly make an appearance here, but this one is all about Rocket. Back to how it began, though, we see Rocket breaking in and saving a captured princess.

According to his claims, this is his full time side gig… saving princesses.

To thank him, the princess is willing to do anything he wants but he says there is plenty of time for that later — after they watch one piece of entertainment. That entertainment is watching his buddy Groot in an intergalactic wrestling match as he is Groot’s good luck charm. With how things play out in the fight and the fact that Rocket is apparently wanted for murder, that good luck is a little questionable.

Sure Rocket may have committed a slew of murders across the universe, but they were all justified. Also, they weren’t the murders that he is currently being accused of. He calls in Star-Lord for some help to get off the planet but Peter Quill is a little busy being chased by his own enemies so Rocket formats his own plan after he gets a video of who was really responsible for the murders.

These solo comics are a great way to tie together the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ while still having each of the heroes have their own adventures. While the current series has had the members each having their own individual adventures. the stories in this week’s issues are much better. The actual series feels rushed without being able to focus enough on each character but these are able to do just that and the humor is shining through!

Speaking of the humor, I’m not sure how this concept would work for say Drax and Gamora as they would need a bit of a harsher tone to fit the characters.

With a conspiracy in place and now in confinement, things seem to be looking bad for Rocket. However, with this all being part of the plan I suspect he is setting a trap of his own. While not as fun as this week’s ‘Legendary Star-Lord,’ this was still an enjoyable issue!


Writer and Artist: Skottie Young