At one time, it was considered a gamble to have a Power Ranger actor at conventions. Was it the right age group? Do people really care?

Well, when Jason David Frank took the stage, one wonders why those question were even asked at all. The fans, which filled the exhibition hall, were rapturous. It’s not hard to see why.

For us nerds that grew up in the 90s, the “age group” for ‘Power Rangers’ is 12 but we grew up with it, so even though we’re not 12, we still think we’re the right age group. And now, we’re old enough to drive ourselves to a con. Or as he said, “We’re all grown up, and we get what we want.”

Jason David Frank, though, deserves every fan he has. His sincere love for the show, and his desire to help anyone with a dream, was by far his most endearing qualities. His answers were often long, and wandering, and rarely actually addressed the question asked albeit tangentially, but were still a treat to listen to.

Here are some the highlights:

Power Ranger Reality Show

Frank touched upon ‘My Morphin Life,’ a reality series that he started which can be found on the Bat in the Sun YouTube channel. It is likely to get a second season.


Frank makes no secret that he loves what Saban does for the show. For him, Disney destroyed the franchise, taking a show with millions of viewers down to only a quarter of a million. What’s nearly as upsetting is that Disney destroys the Power Ranger props every year, leaving the audience and Frank to lament the Power Ranger museum that will never be.

Green Hair

For those of you who have seen Frank, they’ll notice he often sports a little green in his hair. Some may think it has to do with being the Green Ranger, but it actually has to do with his persona as a fighter. He started out fighting with a green mohawk, and stopped after a few matches. When people started asking him where he went, he decided to always incorporate green for special events so people would recognize him.

The Band-Aid

Ever wonder why Tommy Oliver wore a band aid for a couple episodes? Well, it turns out that Jason David Frank got it from moshing at a System of a Down concert.

What’s in Store for Power Rangers?

When asked what happened to  ‘Zeo,’ Frank responded that there are going to be many more questions when ‘Super Megaforce’ airs. “You’re mind will be blown with more questions,” he says. As for his outfit, it will not be silver, he says. It will be Green and Gold.

It was a great panel to be at and if you ever get a chance to see Frank at a convention, I’d wholeheartedly suggest you do!