I have decided that there is a fascinating little nugget I want you to check out! We are a bit late on the recap, having just picked up this series. Rest assured though, we shall bring you the recap of this unique show regularly every Saturday after the show from here on out. Here’s a recap of what happened during the premiere.

As we left the picturesque town of Haven last season, FBI agent Audrey Parker and town cop Nathan Wournous were in a stand-off with… FBI agent Audrey Parker? As Audrey and Nathan temporarily defuse the situation with Audrey’s doppelganger, they are interrupted by a downpour of frogs. This is somewhat strange – even for the town of Haven.

In the meantime, Duke is meeting with the disquieting Reverend Driscoll. Driscoll, as it seems, is attempting to recruit townsfolk into his “Holy War” army. Personally, this guy disturbs me on a multitude of levels. While Duke and the Reverend are in mid conversation, a small child screams in terror. Finding the child with a bloody arm, Duke realizes the blood, in fact, is from the water. The blood apparently is coming from the sprinkler system of the church.

While Nathan attempts to direct traffic in the midst of a barrage of gnats. Audrey enlists the help of her double to rescue a motorist. After Dukes shows up with news of the rivers of blood, Audrey realizes that biblical plagues are being visited upon the lovely but mysterious town. The “plagues,” it seems, are being caused by yet another “troubled” member of Haven named T.J. who intends on killing himself in order to save his first born Son. Audrey realizes what T.J.’s power is, and once again, Haven’s inhabitants and it’s first born Son’s are safe.

Audrey and her counterpart then begin to realize that they share memories – every memory. When Agent Howard and his entourage show up at the Gull to collect what they assume is the imitation Audrey Parker, Agent Howard looks nothing like our Audrey’s former boss. Knowing this in her heart, the second Audrey throws the FBI off our Audrey’s trail.

Police Chief Wournous, who had sacrificed himself last season to save his beloved town, is about to be put to rest by Nathan, his adopted Son. Duke shows up to help, closing out the season premiere and leaving us with curious questions we hope to have resolved soon. In true Haven fashion, they will more than likely keep us in suspense, at least for the time being.

‘Haven’ premiered on July 15 at 10/9c on Syfy. Look for further episodes every Friday on Syfy and then join us here on ScienceFiction.com for the in depth review Saturday!