While the story still feels to be an ongoing installment of where the series has been so far, we are now being graced with the subtitle of ‘Three Months To Die’ which is giving us a timeline of when the first issue dealing with Wolverine’s death is apparently going to play out. While the story that deals with Wolverine’s recent criminal friends and Sabertooth has not yet come to a close, it has been put on the back burner as Logan has to take a quick break from that to re-find himself.

Honestly, as bad as this entire idea is and as much as I haven’t found much enjoyment in the series so far, this issue was a fun read. Even going into it off the dullness of the issues to date and the ludicrous notion that Wolverine is going to take a break from what he is up to in order to do some soul searching (yes he’s been known to do that over the years but it feels a little forced here) this was probably my favorite issue to date. However, I don’t know if it was from the inclusion of Iron First and Shang Chi or because we got away from the tedious plot we’ve been going through. Whatever it is I’m glad Paul Cornell made the change as I didn’t want to die from boredom before Wolverine died on page. Not only did the writing pickup but the art did as well. While still not perfect it was a hell of a lot better than the mini-hulking Wolverine we’ve been getting to date. All of that being said, I still have to ask, was it a good issue?

As I mentioned above, Iron Fist and Sang Chi guest star in the issue though they don’t feature too prominently. They are basically here to guide Wolverine first to help show him what he is truly seeking and secondly to take him to Miyajima where it is difficult to die and yet it puts him on a course towards death itself. Or should I say herself?

On the flip side, to carry on the other story line Offer works with his soldiers to recover the weapon and how to use it. With this weapon he makes Sabertooth a rather interesting offer that shows us how devious the man truly is. Creed, though, is a little distracted wanting Wolverine to first take his final breath once and for all. Why go through the time spent on becoming a Godlike being if you can put it off for a bit of revenge first. That kind of a deal always works oh so well in the movies, books, comics, real life — good job Sabertooth!

There are a few pieces being setup in this issue and knowing the series is a few months away from finally flat-lining Wolverine, I’m really hoping this storyline comes to a conclusion soon and doesn’t drag out until Logan’s bitter end. So we had some great dialogue, some OK setup, and not enough payoff. While not perfect, it is still a remarkable improvement over how the title has been running and has peaked my interest. I’m really hoping that lasts more than a single issue.


Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Gerardo Sandoval