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In the latest potential directors lined up for ‘Ghostbusters 3’ it looks as if Ruben Fleischer (‘Zombieland’, ‘Gangster Squad’) may be taking over on the film! After Harold Ramis left the world far too soon, the concept of the film was in jeopardy. It didn’t take long before the studio announced that the film was still coming together. Things were looking to be moving forward until we had back to back bad news for who would be directing the film. First we found out that Ivan Reitman bowed out from directing and soon after, the directing duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller both backed out as well. Finally, it seems like they have a choice who could hit the right notes of serious and humor needed for the film — as long as they can keep him on board.

With his success on ‘Zombieland’ that mixed a great visual look, strong comedic impact, and hints of drama, Ruben Fleischer could be the perfect fit for taking on the film. In fact, with his later success in the director’s chair on ‘Gangster Squad’, he can clearly do a more serious film as well. Hopefully, when he mixes it all together we could get the perfect balance of seriousness and humor that translated so well in the first ‘Ghostbusters’ film. I just hope they can find a younger cast that has the acting chops to take over assuming the film makers still plan on using the movie to pass the torch to a new team as Dan Aykroyd had suggested the plot would involve about a year back.

Who knows? Maybe with Fleischer’s involvement we could even see a return of Bill Murray to the cast as they seemed to get along with Murray making an appearance on ‘Zombieland’. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one though.

Do you think Fleischer would be a good fit for taking over the reigns on the next ‘Ghostbusters’ film? Are you happy to hear there might actually be progress on the film or has there been too much time to think a sequel is a good idea? Share your thoughts below!

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