What happens when the most famous comic creator in the world Stan Lee gets bored? He puts on his executive producer hat and signs on to help bring a horror movie to the small screen! Coming out on disc on June 10th we’re going to see the horror film ‘Harpies’ get its long delayed home release!

The film stars Stephen Baldwin (‘The Usual Suspects’,’The Young Riders’) as Jason Avery who is a night watchmen that ends up thousands of years in the past dealing with harpies! The movie was directed by Josh Becker (‘Alien Apocalypse’, ‘Stryker’s War’) and written by Declan O’Brien (‘Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines’, ‘The Marine 3: Homefront’).

If the film seems a little familiar to you there was a good chance you used to watch Sci-Fi movies late at night. I know I did! As a side note: Yes, I spelled that right. I’m talking Sci-Fi pre-2009 re-branding to the Syfy that we know today! ‘Harpies’ was released back in 2007 on the network and this is just the first time that the movie will be released on disc (while not mentioned in the press release, it’s not far fetched that soon after we’ll be seeing it on digital as well).

As I previously mentioned, I had watched this as a late night showing on the network and hope this marks a trend of other Sci-Fi Pictures original films being released by Millennium Entertainment. The film was fun in that low budget B style that Syfy has become known for in its home grown movies. This one didn’t have as much of the camp as their current releases but was still a fun watch!

Are you excited about the release of ‘Harpies’? Did you see it back in 2007 and have any positive or negative memories of the film? (I mean it has a Baldwin — that alone will give you mixed responses in it). Share your thoughts below!


Jason Avery (Stephen Baldwin), night watchman at the New York Museum of Natural History, is ambushed by armed thieves on a mission to seize a mysterious obelisk with supernatural powers. During the confrontation, Jason recovers an amulet from the thieves that opens a time portal. Sucked in and hurled back thousands of years to a time terrorized by mythological harpies—evil winged female creatures who steal souls and devour flesh—Jason is largely received as the prophesied savior who has come to rescue the villagers from the bloodthirsty demons. As he battles the horrific harpies and bonds with the townspeople, Jason realizes that he must use the amulet that sent him here to get back home to present day. But he isn’t the only one who has made this discovery; a mortal villain with thousands of harpy eggs is forming an army to conquer the world, and he’s hitching a ride back with Jason. The harpies legend is about to become reality!

Source: Dread Central