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Thanks to San Diego Comic-Con we’ve learned that the fourth Thor movie now titled ‘Thor Love And Thunder’ and won’t just put a spotlight on Chris Hemsworth’s character. While Thor is in the film it seems that the story will focus on Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie who has been ruling Asgard since ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and a surprise return of Natalie Portman being introduced as a female Thor.

Portman hasn’t been seen as Jane Foster since ‘Thor: The Dark World’ and it isn’t clear quite yet how she’ll become a Goddess, but it feels like they won’t be exactly using the story arc of Jason Aaron’s ‘The Mighty Thor’ which it will be based on. We know Thor is worthy and having him become unworthy to wield Mjolnir again so soon would feel redundant. That being said, director Taika Waititi is going to be tackling the film and shares that “That storyline is incredible is full emotion, love, and thunder and introduces for the first time female Thor.”

In the comics, the female Thor was met hesitantly by many fans, but Jason Aaron crafted such a fantastic story that even many of those who were most annoyed by the change had caved by the end of the run and were cheering each of the issues being released. We saw Thor’s longtime love interest and friend take on the mantle when he was unable to and, over time, help him return to the God and Man he had become.

According to Thompson, Valkyrie is busy both rebuilding Asgard and “re-investing in her people” which might be part of why a new Thor is introduced.

Hemsworth was asked what his character was up to and replied that “he’s heading to the 7-11 for a little Netflix subscription and at this point, he might be on the couch, who knows.” I’m sure no one was expecting the actor actually to answer that question.

Are you excited for the release of ‘Thor Love and Thunder’? Do you feel that Hemsworth’s Thor will play a significant part in the film or will it be more of a focus on Jane Foster becoming a new Thor? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Deadline