Good news for fans of the King of the Kaiju! We already knew ‘Godzilla‘ would be getting a sequel, not we know that Gareth Edwards is returning! Yes it was announced that Edwards is returning for both ‘Godzilla 2’ AND ‘Godzilla 3’! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the new franchise looks to be becoming at the very least a trilogy if not an ongoing set of giant monster movies! We are going to have at least two more giant monster creature features in the next few years. Edwards has always described ‘Godzilla’ as a passion project, so to see it not only be successful but also get a couple of sequels that he gets to direct must be having him foam at the mouth in excitement.

While not everyone has loved the movie, the box office numbers have spoken. Personally I’m glad they did and apparently so is Legendary Pictures’ CEO Thomas Tull! While one might worry that Edwards is going to be too busy directing the first ‘Star Wars’ spin off film that’s due out on December 16th, 2016, it would appear that a brief break between movies was always in the works. According to Tull:

“Gareth’s filmmaking talent makes him one of his generation’s most creative and visionary directors. The plan has always been for Gareth to direct a different film before we started on another Godzilla, but who knew it would be a Star Wars installment? We have a great plan in store for Godzilla fans and I am looking forward to seeing Gareth’s imprint on the Star Wars universe.”

Well there you have it folks, apparently they already expected him to do another film between the ‘Godzilla’ movies so there is no worry on a delay.

Are you looking forward to more ‘Godzilla’? Did you enjoy Edwards take and are looking forward to the next one? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend