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It seems the folks over at Heroic Hollywood, emboldened by information gleaned from one of their more reliable writers/ rumor mongers Umberto ‘El Mayimbe” Gonzales during a recent Periscope broadcast, might have have the scoop on who Ezra Miller will be facing off against during his solo ‘The Flash’ movie. According to the rumor, Barry Allen will not be facing off against a single villain, but rather a team of them, and a classic team at that. The Flash will be going up against The Rogues, a team of Barry Allen’s classic villains from the Silver Age of DC Comics.

Who are the Rogues you might ask? Well, if you are watching ‘The Flash’ on the CW you already know a few of them, as the team has historically included Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Trickster, Heatwave, Weather Wizard and Golden Glider as members at one point or another. Other members that have appeared on the team are Mirror Master and Abrakadabra, who have yet to appear on the TV show, but may appear in Season 3. Whether or not they will be a tech based team like in the comics or somehow become meta-humans has not yet been revealed, nor their primary motivations against the Flash, though in ‘Suicide Squad’ we did see the Flash apprehend Captain Boomerang, so he might be the primary factor uniting the team against the hero. In fact, there are rumors that much of Jai Courtney’s screen time in ‘Suicide Squad’ was cut down to make him have less of an arc and seem more despicable so they could easily cut him out of the Suicide Squad in time for him to join the other Rogues in ‘The Flash’ movie.

What are your thoughts about Barry Allen going up against a team of villains in his standalone movie? Does the idea of this many villains make you nervous that we might see a ‘Spider-Man 3’ scenario? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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