Shane West Gotham

The final season of ‘Gotham‘ has Shane West slated to be Bane’s father and now the actor is sharing off his look. The fifth season already has a ton of new character introductions being served up to audiences and as the only man to break Batman, Bane is a big one who you could argue is just as important as The Joker. Here, we’ve got the first look at his father who appears to have the lower half of his face covered up much as his future son would do. One can easily guess that the reason West is covered up here isn’t to inspire his child who will one day break The Bat, but instead, it’s to keep his identity a secret.

The villain isn’t known for wearing a mask but stranger changes have happened.

Let’s take a quick look:

While hidden by a mask and in shadows, this does appear to be our first look of West as Bane’s father Eduardo Dorrance who is better known as King Snake. It is hard to tell what this could mean for the character but it wouldn’t be the first time that ‘Gotham’ has messed with our expectations and you can’t help but wonder if the mask might be more important than just hiding who he actually is.

I know, this isn’t quite as interesting as the idea of another Joker making an appearance on the show.

Are you looking forward to the fifth and final season of ‘Gotham’? Do you think that West will somehow end up using the mask to inspire his son to become Bane as well or is he just keeping his King Snake identity a secret? Share your thoughts in the comments below!