So with the ending of ‘Arrow’ season 3 having Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset, it’s hard to image them coming back to pick up the drudgery of fighting crime in Starling City, much less having a plan and jumping into creating a new costume, and now, it seems, a new lair. But clearly they show must go on, and with the last Arrow Cave taken down and occupied by Quentin Lance and the Starling City Police Department at the end of Season 3, the team needs a new place to gather. Some speculated that they would continue to operate out of the lab in Palmer Technologies, but the explosion seen at the end of Season 3 and the disappearance of Ray Palmer, it is understandable why the team would not be able to work out of that building.

However, we did see Palmer sign over controlling interest in Palmer Technologies to Felicity, so rumor has it that she will use the company to create the new “Arrow Bunker” (pictured above) as it is being called, which would explain the additional thought put into the space. As opposed to the original Arrow cave which was one big space with hardware and cabinets pulled into it, it seems the new bunker is a bigger space separated into various sections, i.e. a garage, a gym for workouts, a computer station/ monitoring room for Felicity, and most importantly of all, a circular conference table for the heroes to meet and discuss their plans, similar to what the Justice League has in the comics. All of which makes sense with the expanding Quiver Crew (even with the loss of Roy), and the new mentality that they are all a team, and not just Oliver’s sidekicks. And with the infusion of funds since Felicity will basically be running Palmer Technologies (though I predict it will not be long before it becomes Queen Consolidated again with Oliver in charge), the team is sure to have more gadgets and more support this season, which would definitely help explain the new sleek costume for Oliver.

What are your thoughts on the new bunker? Did you prefer the old Arrow cave? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant