NASA wants to wish you a Happy May the Fourth! Utilizing a familiar droid, NASA made a special video celebrating Star Wars Day!

ISS flight engineer Rick Mastracchio is featured in the video where he attempts to send a special message back to Earth. However, communications are down. Luckily, R2-D2 is here to save the day! The droid beamed up to the ISS and fixed the communications so Mastracchio can wish us a very happy May the Fourth.

Mastracchio is a flight engineer at the International Space Station Expedition 39. He’s currently working on repairing the station’s cooling system. He also flew on three other Space Shuttle Missions including missions on the ‘Atlantis’, ‘Endeavor’, and the ‘Discovery’. You can follow him on Twitter at @AstroRM. He takes some pretty cool pictures from space that are arguably way cooler than the pictures I take of my lunch.

Take a look at the video! It’s adorable! And Happy May the Fourth!