Of all the shows right now that we don’t know if we’ll be seeing another season or not, the one I am most worried about is ‘Hannibal‘. With no word of a renewal quite yet, there is reason to worry, however, writer and executive producer of the show Bryan Fuller (‘Pushing Daisies’,’Dead Like Me’) does not share that worry! That gives me a lot more hope even with the continued low ratings that the series has been suffering through.

According to Fuller:

“All of the creatives at NBC are so supportive of the show and want it back, and the schedules and salespeople are like, ‘It’s a new show, get rid of it’. We are banking on the creative people winning out over the salespeople.  The ratings are not anything to jump up and down about, but the critical acclaim is great, and we’re sort of a prestige project for the network, so we’re hoping that’s enough, like it was last year. There have been indications that it will be.”

I’m with you Fuller! If you ask me, those salespeople should be fired! The problem, of course,  is in the numbers of how many eyes are watching the show when it airs. ‘Hannibal’ has some of the best acting on television right now and the back and forth between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham is a sight to behold, so it would be a shame not to see another season.

In fact, Fuller even teases why there should be a Season 3 — if only to wrap up this season’s cliffhanger:

“We end season two in such a strange way – boy, I would be pissed [if that were the end]! We don’t quite land the plane, we leave the plane in the air.”

Seriously if this show just abruptly ended with no resolution, I think I may just go a little mad. Of course, if Hannibal is in charge that might be the plan after all.

As a bonus side note, according to Fuller, he and his co-producers have already looked into alternative options for creating a third season if NBC makes the mistake of not renewing the series:

“The confidence hasn’t stopped us from seeking out backup plans that would get us a third season one way or another. There are many more options than there have been in the past. So I feel very confident about a season three.”

So even though he sees it going through, he does have a back up plan. I can respect that. We’ll find out on May 12th what shows NBC will be continuing or cancelling.

What are your hopes for a continuation of ‘Hannibal’? Are you as caught up in the show as I am or has it just been leaving a bad taste in your mouth?

Source: Digital Spy.