Well, the movie’s been gone from theaters going on a year now, but looks like the ‘Man of Steel’ Haterade keeps pouring!  (Kryptonite flavor, I assume.)  Who is the latest to jump on the dog pile? Not even remotely surprisingly, it’s Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada.

“I was just angry!” the big wig ranted while paying a visit to Kevin Smith‘s ‘Fatman On Batman” podcast.  Was it the over-the-top collateral damage to the city of Metropolis (or Smallville for that matter) while the movie’s supposed hero Superman battled powerful nemesis Zod?  Or the controversial decision to have Superman end their conflict by snapping Zod’s neck?

Poor kitten.

Oddly… no.  (Well, that’s not what he stated, although he, like many possibly disliked these developments.)

No, instead, he had another bone to pick.

“As a comic book fan, I wanted to love that movie so much,” Quesada lamented, “I wanted to love it so much, and I didn’t love it so much.”

Instead the editor, who worked for years as a storyteller before assuming control of guiding the top selling comic brand found fault in the basic premise of the movie.  Read his comments below:

“At the end of the day, Zod was the hero of the movie to me… He wanted to save his race, and Superman didn’t let him.

Zod, in this particular incarnation, struck me as not necessarily an evil man, but… he had his orders, he had a mission. He was a zealot of sorts, but he was a zealot… again, correct me if I’m wrong… but he didn’t say, ‘I want to rebuild Krypton, and then come back and destroy this little planet. All I want is to rebuild this planet. And the only reason I’m blowing everything to bits here is because you’ve got what I want, and you’re not giving it to me. So please, give me my people, and I’ll leave.’… When Superman said Krypton had its chance, I was like, ‘Will you just f***ing kill him, Zod?’

“You could have had a better solution if you had written a better problem. So I see things like that, and I’m like, ‘Aww, man.’ It was one of some things in the movie, that I just ended up feeling disappointed in it.”

Hmmm.  I may be remembering it wrong, but I’m pretty sure he did want to wipe out humanity so the Kryptonians could have Earth.  Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

And although I, overall liked the movie, it wasn’t flawless.  I’m a die-hard DC guy when it comes to comics, but I definitely didn’t walk out of ‘Man of Steel’ floating on air the way I did after seeing ‘The Avengers‘.  AND I think it’s pretty cool that Quesada actually went into his competition’s movie with high hopes that it would rock.

It’s probably best to chalk up ‘Man of Steel’ as divisive and flawed.  Criticism was very ample and clear with those that disliked it for the most part complaining about the same problems.  So hopefully Zack Snyder and company listened to those critiques and are adjusting their plans for the additional movies accordingly.  (Not that internet critics and trolls should be free to dictate a creator’s plans, but when you get consistent complaints about the same things, at least treat that as food for thought.)

What do you think?  Is this old news?  Or do Quesada’s reactions have merit?

Source: The Mary Sue