“Farscape” creator Rockne S. O’Bannon confirmed at “WonderCon” that a  script for a new feature is currently in the works! And yes, Brian Henson is also returning, assuring the same quirky aesthetics we grew to love. If my memory serves me correctly, I’d heard this rumor back in January or February. And yet I still had to suppress a squeal when I heard the news!

Although O’Bannon states that the script is still in the very early stages, he commended Henson for keeping the project going. “He was like a dog with a bone. He would not give up on it.”  The plot will reportedly follows John and Aeryn’s son, whose imbued special powers paint a target on his head to the local big bads. He joins John and Aeryn aboard Moya once more, it is unknown how many original cast members are slated to return.

Today, more than ever, ratings are king. This feature, if and when it comes to pass, has the chance to see airtime yet again. It all depends on ratings, so be sure to tune in! If it goes to the big screen, we stand a good chance of sending the message that “we want “Farscape” back!”

So, Faithful Followers, what are your expectations for this return? Who do you want to see? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to sciencefiction.com for more news!