Picking up where last week’s episode left off, “Of Mice and Wolfmen” finds Aidan, Sally, and Josh dealing with their own separate issues though the biggest of which is Aidan being infected by the deadly vampire plague that is slowly desiccating him from the inside out.

It’s the morning after and Josh is watching over his quickly deteriorating friend while the latter begins flashbacks of his first life, bidding his son Issac and wife Suzanne farewell before going to war. Sally joins her two roomies, bringing food for the masses after her disgusting fridge binge on snacks and raw meat. Though he’s extremely weak, Aidan, with Sally’s help, gets prettied up (re: using makeup to hide the blackened lesions) before going to work and having “one more day of being normal”.

Dentists recommend disciplined brushing that does NOT lead to holes in the jaw

While Sally’s playing makeup queen (and shoving a toothbrushes through her jaw), Nora wakes up in the woods, starkers from her night prowling the woods. She runs into another naked soul, Pete, who’s the type of offbeat guy one would expect to meet in the woods. He has a lil camper and, of course, he’s a vegetarian werewolf…wait, what?  Still, he seems like he’s got some knowledge on the whole werewolf thing and may prove invaluable—insert shameless foreshadowing tune here.After chatting it up with Pete, Nora arrives back home and finds that her perfectly human boyfriend is now going back to being furry with her once a month. It really tears her up but Josh tells her everything. Moved by the vampire’s sacrifice, Nora goes to see Aidan at the hospital. He’s already broken the bad news to Kenny and, more than anything, needs to rest it up. Nora sends him home and after reminiscing about his wife seeing him for the first time as a vampire, he catches Blake’s scent. She’s back to reinstitute the deal with a desperate Kenny and though Aidan wants her gone, he’s no match for the red head in his weakened condition and she tosses him aside like scraps.

Meanwhile, Sally’s finding the deliciousness of sucking down live animals. Though she panics when Josh nearly catches her, she realizes that ingesting lil Jerry mouse heals her decomposing flesh. Later, when she chats a bit with Zoe, she realizes that Nick’s got the same thing going on, though he’s graduated to staring at Zoe like she’s food.

Kat with the Pretty Eyes…nuff said

Furthering her ‘Sorry Aidan’ 2013 tour, Nora brings Kat with the Pretty Eyes by to visit with Mr. Sickly Vampire. There’s no doubt about the attraction between the two and they chat but it’s not long before he passes out. Lying in bed, Aidan is back to his time with Suzanne and her feeding him.  He comes around for a minute, and nearly tells Kat goodbye before falling back into unconsciousness. The werewolf couple sends Kat home but it’s not long before their solace is interrupted by Pete; taking Nora’s offer up right quick, but bringing chili.As Sally is fighting her urge to accelerate her desires for a bit more supple in the live animal department, Pete’s sharing some very interesting tidbits of werewolf-dom to Josh and Nora, most specifically the symbiotic relationship he has with Gordon, his wolf side. After sharing his story with the couple, he offers to take them through some meditation to help connect with their other side. Josh is quite skeptical, especially when he doesn’t see his wolf. Pete reminds Josh how often he tried killing that side of himself, so it’s no doubt afraid of him.

Aidan continues his dreams of Suzanne and the fact that she was able to come to grips with what a vampire is better than Aidan. The dream transitions back to the real work and he begins seizing and spitting up blood. It looks like the end and both Josh and Sally are there for him. But a strange thing happens…

He beats the infection. Everyone is stumped at first but Aidan figures it out; it’s the wolf’s blood. He sampled Josh’s awhile ago and then Erin’s when she tried poisoning him with hers. Add those two up and vampires have a vaccine for the plague. At first he believes that he needs to stay out of the way but Josh and Nora are together in swearing their allegiance to him. Aidan goes to work and reaffirms his commitment to Kenny before straightening things out with Blake. Before giving her the information on the cure, he demands that Josh and Nora are both off limits. When she asks him why, he mimics Suzanne as it being a part of the natural order. “We shouldn’t have to run scared from wolves anymore,” he murmurs while walking away.

Back at home, Sally admits to her mouse-chow and the desire to have more. She vows she won’t go down that road and, as life has been given to her, it will soon be gone. She will live and “let go when it’s time to let go.” Her words foster another flashback to Aidan when he tries to convince Suzanne to let him turn her. She wants to live her life but makes him promise not to run from love when it finds him. It’s the kick in the pants Aidan needs. He stops by the University and when he sees Kat with the Pretty Eyes, he wallops her with quite the knockout kiss.

That night while Aidan and Kat are hopefully out on a real date (or something), Josh finally connects with his inner wolf (“You’re beautiful”), Zoe gets snacked on by the voracious Nick, and Blake and her vamps go Walking Dead on an unsuspecting werewolf which no doubt lends to the fact that business is truly about to pick up.