In the last issue we saw that all things were not as they seemed and Danger wasn’t taking it that well. A new company on Serval’s radar is actually a front for Magus having returned to Earth and becoming a mega corporate force while Warlock now seems to be on his side. The two forces tangle (after Danger initiated an attack) and now ‘X-Factor’ is on the case.

First up the new team has decided that if there is a way to find out what is going on with the strangely acting Warlock and Magus they have to go to the expert on the subject, Doug Ramsey. When we open on the story we see that Doug is having serious issues with the events that played out in the last ‘X-Factor’ title and it is really bugging him. First, his mutant power is to be able to speak any language fluently. A little boring yes but as his definition of language expands he has become somewhat useful and we are shown an alternate future where he basically runs the planet in a power hungry craze after having killed most of the mutants and humans on the planet.

So, there’s that. We see the outcome of that here as he has decided that the ultimate way to prevent that from occuring is to take his own life. Only, X-Factor takes that moment to show up. As he mentions that “he had nothing else to do”, he offers to help them with their Warlock problem. Danger quickly shows that Warlock is partially there and part of him is attached to Doug’s heart. Now he’s become more interested than just doing what was asked of him.

As the team flies to where Warlock and Magus are. we peak in at Serval Industries. Last issue we found out that the CEO is sleeping with his secretary and in this issue the wife is back home. Only she knows what is going on and insists that the secretary not lie to her, or else. I’ve got no idea where this subplot is going quite yet as it hasn’t been too much of a focus.

At Magus’ base we find out that when Magus purged the technovirus from his system it wiped out most of their species. With a limited amount of these beings left alive he forced the notion to kill his son out of his system and the two have made peace for the greater good. Warlock asks to leave and join Doug as he misses his friend. Honestly, it’s a good nod to those familiar with the characters in the past, but if you are just jumping in on this series it really is the barest of explanations of who they are and why they matter.

Still, it’ll have to do as by the issue’s end they are both on the team. Warlock appears to have a crush on Danger and Doug may still be a little suicidal. It should add for some interesting plots down the line, though I do hope that the next issue is back to the high points of the first five. The art? I can’t go without commenting that Di is still knocking it out of the park and her style is fitting for the corporate tales we’re being told here.


Writer: Peter David
Artist: Carmine Di